API Q1 9th Edition Understanding Documenting & Implementation Training

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API Q1 9th Edition Understanding Documenting and Implementation Training

We are Providing API-U Approved Specification Q1 9th Ed. Fundamentals Training Course in Mumbai, India, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Poiesti, Romania, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Rayong, Thailand, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Sydney, Australia, Baku, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Singapore and etc.

Introduction of API-U Q1 Training Course

API-U Q1 Practitioner Training is a Quality Management System for the organization that manufactures products or provides manufacturing-related services under a product specification for use in the petroleum & natural gas industry. It defines the fundamental quality management system requirement for those claiming conformity to the requirement.

API-U training is based on the API Specification Q1 9th Edition. This is a fundamental training for understanding the requirement of API-U Specification Q1 9th Ed. Fundamentals, understanding the quality management system development & implementing the API Q1 in the organization

Benefits of API-U Q1 Training Course

  • A thorough understanding of the API Monogram Program
  • An understanding of Product Quality Plans
  • An understanding of risk assessment & management
  • The ability to plan, conduct and report process based audit activity
  • Learn the requirements for data analysis to assess customer satisfaction, supplier performance, & opportunities for improvement
  • Upon completion of the class, participants receive a Certificate of completion

Objectives of API-U Q1 Training Course

By the end of this training the participants will understand:

API-U Q1 Training Programs

Introduction to API Q1 9th Edition, API monogram, ISO 9001 and ISO 29001

  • Introduction to Process Based Management system and Risk-Based Management System
  • Understanding the requirement of API

Quality Management System Requirement for API-U Q1 Training Course

  • Document Control
  • Record Control

Product Realization for API-U Q1 Training Course

  • Risk assessment and Risk management
  • Contingency Planning
  • Initial Supplier Evaluation system
  • Process control document
  • Process Validation
  • Product Quality Plan
  • Control of testing, measuring and monitoring equipment
  • Control of NC product
  • Management of change

QMS Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Internal Audit
  • Corrective and Preventive Action

Management review of API-U Q1 Training Course

  • System Development Strategy

Process-Based and Risk Base Management System

  • Documentation Development Strategy

Quality Manual development of API-U Q1 Training Course

  • Certification Process

Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit

This course is designed for front-line managers, engineers or executives who are involved in quality improvement initiatives, as well as those implementing API Q1

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API Q1 adds Risk management to 9th Edition

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API Q1 adds Risk management to 9th Edition

API Q1 9th Edition adds a  new clause on Risk Assessment and Management. It is positioned in the standard clause 5.3 under “product realization”. It has an important bearing throughout the standard and cross-references to Risk Assessment have been made directly and indirectly by other requirements of API Q1  9th Edition.

So what is Expected  by  this new clause of Risk Assessment and Management :

1 ) The organization is expected to maintain a documented procedure

2) The procedure should identify the techniques (tools)  and the process of application of these chosen tools through the stages of identification till risk mitigation.

3) The standard adds a NOTE mentioning considerations of Severity, detectability, and probability  of risk

4) Risk assessment has to be carried out for (a) Product Quality (b) Product Delivery

5) Records for Risk Assessment should be kept handy

So  How are the other clauses of API Q1 9th Edition  linked to this clause

  • Risk assessment is a input to the contingency planning ( 5.5)
  • Risk Assessment is actively linked to corrective(6.4.2) and preventive action( 6.4.3)
  • Risk Assessment is indirectly referenced in planning (5.2)
  • As an input to Design and Development ( 5.4.2)
  • Preventive maintenance (5.7.8)
  • Management of Change (5.11)
  • Management Review( 6.5.1)

Although  PQP, Product release, and  Initial Supplier Evaluation – Critical Purchases – may not  appear to refer to risk analysis and management, however in practice it is always required to consult as you prepare or review these

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