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Training for Quality Management Systems API Q1

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Training for Quality Management Systems API Q1
Training for Quality Management Systems API Q1

Affordable Training for Quality Management Systems API Q1.

Our present experience with our API Q1 customers is that a Quality person is in demand. we are noticing that API Q1 companies are really enforcing that their customers be certified to API Q1 in order to maintain work with them. What this means is that it really does pay to have Quality personnel who have a thorough understanding of the standard and practical approaches to maintain, implement and overlook their Quality Management System.

We are providing API Q1 training, Please review our website for more information. Our training staff has over 8 years of experience in the industry, have provided consulting to assist numerous companies to attain certification, but also have experience as API Auditors. Therefore, the approaches for this training is created with a well-rounded view and with global experience behind it.
Here is the link to who we are and what we offer. Training details are on our website. If you feel someone might benefit from this training, please forward our details.

Mr. Puneet Sharma | Email: API.Training.In@Gmail.com

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API Q1 adds Risk management to 9th Edition

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API Q1 adds Risk management to 9th Edition

API Q1 9th Edition adds a  new clause on Risk Assessment and Management. It is positioned in the standard clause 5.3 under “product realization”. It has an important bearing throughout the standard and cross-references to Risk Assessment have been made directly and indirectly by other requirements of API Q1  9th Edition.

So what is Expected  by  this new clause of Risk Assessment and Management :

1 ) The organization is expected to maintain a documented procedure

2) The procedure should identify the techniques (tools)  and the process of application of these chosen tools through the stages of identification till risk mitigation.

3) The standard adds a NOTE mentioning considerations of Severity, detectability, and probability  of risk

4) Risk assessment has to be carried out for (a) Product Quality (b) Product Delivery

5) Records for Risk Assessment should be kept handy

So  How are the other clauses of API Q1 9th Edition  linked to this clause

  • Risk assessment is a input to the contingency planning ( 5.5)
  • Risk Assessment is actively linked to corrective(6.4.2) and preventive action( 6.4.3)
  • Risk Assessment is indirectly referenced in planning (5.2)
  • As an input to Design and Development ( 5.4.2)
  • Preventive maintenance (5.7.8)
  • Management of Change (5.11)
  • Management Review( 6.5.1)

Although  PQP, Product release, and  Initial Supplier Evaluation – Critical Purchases – may not  appear to refer to risk analysis and management, however in practice it is always required to consult as you prepare or review these

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API U Approved Q1 9th Edition Training Course Overview

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API-U Specification Q1 9th Edition Training Course Overview for Quality Systems– Fundamentals

Hello Everyone, we are planning to start API Q1 training Seminar in Mumbai, India, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Poiesti, Romania, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Rayong, Thailand, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Sydney, Australia, Baku, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Singapore Location.

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