API Exam Questions

Audit Programs

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This section relates to the applicant’s knowledge of the development and management of audit programs in all types of audited-auditor relationships, including:

1. Identification of audit program objectives
2. Development and implementation of an audit program
3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the audit program
4. Use of the audit program as management tool to improve business performance

Q:- What is the appropriate ratio of tank diameter to tank height to avoid anchorage?

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Answer: The determination of anchorage requirements is adequately covered in API 650.  Many factors are included in determining if anchors are required and the number of anchors.  This is a specific design condition and should be considered in completing the detailed design of a tank.

Q:- Does API 650 include the applicable requirements for tanks that are either stated in pertinent Code of Federal Regulations?

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API 650 makes no attempt to address federal requirements, nor those of any other jurisdiction. Compliance with the various jurisdictions is a contractual matter between the tank manufacturer and the purchaser.