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API Spec Q1 9th Edition Introduction Training

API Spec Q1 Training 9th Edition Specification for Quality Systems– Fundamentals & Practitioner

API Specification Q1 9th Edition Training in Mumbai, India, Baku, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore

Learn & Understand the additional requirements of API Specification Q1 9th Edition by attending the training course. Get tools and gain knowledge about the significance and importance of API Spec Q1, and how it’s applicable to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.

The training class reveals important new elements in the 9th Edition in a comprehensive and concise environment, which includes group participation, interaction, and discussion on the fundamental topics of API Spec Q1 with an emphasis on new Risk Assessment, Contingency Planning, and Management of Change requirements. We Have Experienced Trainers will provide great knowledge to the attendees in this Training and provide assistance in the development, implementation, and maintenance of Quality Management Systems

API Q1 Course Overview:

This two-day course will provide an informative look at the requirements, interpretations, and practical applications of the quality management principles as based on the 9th Edition of API Specification Q1, Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry. The course will examine the differences between the 8th and 9th editions of API Specification Q1.

API Q1 Course Objectives:

Upon completion, attendees will have an understanding of the key concepts, methodologies, and requirements involved in implementing a successful Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of API Spec Q1 9th Edition. Attendees will understand the scope, allowable exclusions, and the current interpretations, expectations, and applications of this important document.

API Q1 Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Quality Management Principles
  • Overview of API and API Spec Q1 history and evolution
  • Industry issues prompting changes from 8th to 9th Edition

Section 1: Scope
Section 2: Exclusions and Normative References
Section 3: Terms and Definitions
Section 4: Quality Management System Requirements
Section 5: Product Realization
Section 6: Quality Management System Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Improvements
Annex A: Use of API Monogram by Licensees

Who Should Attend API Q1 Course?

This course is suitable for anyone working within the Oil and Gas Industry as a Manufacturer, Operator, or Supplier under API Spec Q1 requirements including but not limited to
This course is intended for employees or individuals tasked with implementing a quality management system based on the stringent requirements of API Specification Q1 9th Edition, or those who want to learn about the requirements and understand the level of effort required to implement the API Specification Q1 9th Edition, including:

Target Audience for API Q1 Training Course:

  • CEO/Presidents/Vice Presidents
  • Quality Directors/Quality Assurance Managers/Quality Control Supervisors
  • Operations Managers, Manufacturing or Production Managers or Supervisors
  • Supply Quality Managers, Supply Chain Managers or Supplier Quality Engineers
  • ISO Coordinators or Management Representatives
  • API Monogram Licensees and Applicants
  • API Spec Q1 Certified Companies and Applicants
  • Quality Assurance Personnel and Management Representatives
  • Engineers and Engineering Management Personnel
  • Quality System Auditors and Professionals
  • Personnel involved in Supplier Assessment Activities
  • Personnel involved with Specifying Equipment Requirements
  • Maintenance, Inspection and Test Personnel

API Q1 Course Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the background and objectives of the API Specification Q1 9th Edition
  • Understand the Quality Management Principles
  • Understand the Process Approach
  • Learn the requirements and implementation steps of the API Specification Q1 9th Edition
  • Learn the API Specification Q1 Certification process

API Q1 Course Prerequisites:

The API Specification Q1 9th Edition course is an introductory course designed for individuals with little or no previous knowledge of API Specification Q1 (any edition), ISO 9001 or any quality management systems.

API Q1 Course Materials:

Students receive comprehensive course manuals with reference materials, including:

  • Presentation information
  • Case studies
  • Workshop exercises
  • Training copy of the spec

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