API Q1 Internal Auditing Service


We offer internal auditing service to companies who are either planning to take API monogram or Q1 or Q2 certification or just wish to improve the depth of Internal Audit.

Our Expert acts as an Anchor for the Internal Audit and does a thorough Internal audit by:

– Reviewing your internal team of Auditors qualifications.( offsite)
–  Reviewing the audit plan ( offsite)
– Reviewing the audit checklist developed by the Internal auditor ( offsite)
– Conducting the Internal Audit with the team as per the audit plan  ( onsite)
– Recording of Non-conformities against API specs/Q1/Q2( onsite )
-Reviewing the Root cause and Corrective Action 

Benefits of this service for organizations

  • The trainee auditors learn Auditing skills
  • The Trainee auditors learn objective evidence collection and how to write a non conformity
  • The Program Manager learns how to plan
  • The Internal Auditors learn how to make checklists
  • The Audited learns how to do a Root cause analysis
  • The Program Manager learns when to accept a corrective action