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API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course

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API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Specification for Quality Systems– Fundamentals & Practitioner – Mumbai, India

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course Overview:

  • Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.
  • Requirements for organizations that manufacture products or provide manufacturing-related processes for use in the petroleum and natural gas industry.
  • Aligned with the new API Spec Q2 requirements for Service Supply Organization for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries.
  • API Spec Q1 – 9th Edition
  • Process-Based Management System
  • Risk-Based Management System.
  • API has established a 2016 deadline for transition to the 9th Edition to be completed.

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course Additions:

  • Competency/Training of Personnel
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Design Review
  • Contingency Planning
  • Supply Chain Controls
  • Quality Planning
  • Preventative Maintenance, Inspection, and Test
  • Design Validation
  • Management of Change

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course Competency of personnel:

  • Most organizations are doing this is one form or another.
  • Spec Q1 requires a more formal approach.
  • Particularly interested in skills assessment and development of training
  • We ensure a Well trained workforce.

Risk Management of API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course:

  • Risk Assessment and Management is a major component of Spec Q1.
  • Spec Q1 asks us to create a formalized process to identify and document risks (potential and real) and then develop action plans designed to communicate, mitigate and control these risks.
  • The goal is to reduce or avoid exposure to lose.

Design Review of API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course:

  • Design review is fairly straightforward.
  • This requirement deals with the verification and validation of product and process.
  • One item of note is we see the risk assessment function identified in the design process.

Contingency Planning of API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course:

  • Disruption Prevention.
  • Mitigation Measures.
  • Actions required for significant risk.
  • Assignment of responsibility & authority.
  • Internal and external communications.

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course Supply Chain Controls:

  1. Supply chain controls are imperative.
  2. In most cases organizations have some process in place.
  3. Spec Q1 requires a much more formal and documented approach to supplier management.
  • Develop methods to classify and qualify suppliers.
  • Assess and identify critical suppliers.
  • Verify that a QMS is in place and conforms to internal requirement.
  • Track and report supplier performance metrics.
  1. Ultimately our goals here are to minimize potential disruptions to operations and maximize cost savings.

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course Quality Planning:

  1. Designed to document the procedures resources, processes, and activities that identify and control the quality requirements of product(s).
  2. The Q1 spec requires your organization to clearly define document and measure items associated with the production process.
  3. Quality Plans should include:
  • Compliance with customer requirements.
  • Control of subcontractors ◦ Identification of requirements for acceptance
  • ID and control of risk
  • Required deliverables and related records.
  1. Plans need to be documented and approved and when required by contract, communicated with the customer.

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course Design Validation:

  • Validation activities should be completed throughout execution as well as upon completion.
  • Validation process should confirm all requirements (KPIs, critical success factors and acceptance criteria) were achieved.
  • Records of performance and validation must be maintained.

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course Preventive Maintenance:

  1. Planned preventive maintenance increases reliability
  2. Spec Q1 requires detailed, site-specific maintenance schedules, procedures, and training.
  3. Equipment maintenance is critical for safe working conditions and long-term profitability.
  4. Maintenance procedures should include
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Use History Logs
  • Critical Spare Parts
  • Controls for Equipment Integrity

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course Change management:

  • The vast and complex nature of Management of Change has caused many companies to struggle with implementing change control management system.
  • Companies use a collection of disconnected manual systems, spreadsheets and databases, which results in duplicate data, increased costs, data errors, time delays and lack of visibility.
  • A well-documented Management of Change program can be used to demonstrate an organization’s commitment toward due diligence in risk mitigation efforts.
  • Includes communication with internal and external parties.

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course Challenges:

  • 9th Edition Comprehension and Application.
  • Transitioning from a process based to a risk-based management system.
  • Integrating new requirements into existing competencies.
  • Global Supply Chain.
  • Geographical & Cultural Differences.
  • Remote Locations.

Benefits of API Spec Q1 9th Edition Training Course:

  • Improves decision making.
  • Minimizes risk through identification, planning & controls.
  • Improves efficiencies.
  • Improves safety performance.
  • Improves identification and traceability.
  • Protects your revenue stream.

API Spec Q1 9th Edition Solution:

  • Designed for Oil & Gas Service Providers required to maintain API Q1 Spec – 9th Edition certification.
  • A cloud-based business solution managing the oil and gas industry drivers identified in API Q1 requirements.
  • Risk-based management system.
  • Intuitive solution designed for point of operation use.
  • Real-time operational reporting from multiple/remote locations enabling quick decision making.

This course is ideal for those companies pursuing API Q1 certification.

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